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Person is hiking a hill – hiking shoes from behind on a hiking trail

Reconnect with Nature

March 21, 2018
Ever feel cooped up in your home, or trapped in the concrete jungle? There are those days where you just want to run and be free in the wild. Well her...
Surfer on the ocean wave at sunset or sunrise. Winter surfing in wetsuit

Surfing at Jordan River

March 6, 2018
Vancouver Island is home to many great natural wonders and draws visitors in year after year. For some it’s the salmon fishing, others the whale watch...

Spring Time Fishing

February 23, 2018
Spring is a beautiful time of year, it is a season of renewal. For those who love to fish, spring brings with it an abundance of opportunity to catch...
Orca whale

Whale Watching

February 6, 2018
For a great number of people seeing whales especially Orca whales (or Killer whales) is a bucket list item.  Viewing these creatures in their natural...
Boat Fishing Trolling Panoramic Rod And Reels Blue Sea

Year Round Fishing

February 5, 2018
Looking for a place you can fish year-round? look no further than Vancouver Island! Almost every community on the island lies on or near the Ocean, th...